"We're Lost!": Ooli & Tooli When Life Is UnRooly Ora Pollak

"We're Lost!": Ooli & Tooli When Life Is UnRooly
by ora Pollak
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May I share an Heirloom with you? My name is Ora, and I am the author of the new 'Ooli & Tooli' book series. The stories were created by my family over generations, continents and cultures. They sing of universal values that transcend today’s digital lifestyle.

Ooli & Tooli were first conceived by my father, Sam, many years ago and in a very different world. He invented stories about the two kittens almost every night for my sister and me. Over the years, the names, Ooli & Tooli, have become household names and the verbal tradition continued when my first grandson was born. When an Ooli & Tooli story became the one to 'seal the deal' at bedtime, I have decided to put them in writing for him and future generations. I wish our family heirloom becomes your favorite family tradition as well.

Ooli & Tooli When Life Is UnRooly.. is an upcoming children book series (for ages 4-8), that brings fun and surprises to dealing with challenges. The lovable kittens, Ooli & Tooli, leap into the laps of kids with engaging stories, learning, love and values.

Our lives rarely go unchallenged and as planned, and no story can change that. But acquiring the skills and resilience to face hardships, adjust to new situations and solve problems, can help our kids sail safely through them.

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ora Pollak


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