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Mein Kampf - Vol 2: My Struggle (Splitted Version) (Volume 2)
by Adolf Hitler
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Adolf Hitler's Autobiography - Volume 2 I began my sentence in the Fortress of Landsberg on the Lech, April 1, 1924 resulting from my sentence handed down from the Munich People’s Court. For the first time in my years of uninterrupted Party work, I was finally able to begin a job that many had asked me to complete and one which I myself felt was useful for the Movement. I decided to write two volumes which would not only explain the aims of our Movement, but also would reveal the birth of the Movement. I believe my story will be more beneficial than a simple historical description. This work will allow me to describe my own growth in the Movement and assist in crushing the falsehoods about me created by the Jewish press. My writing is not for strangers, but for those heart-strong supporters of the Movement, and those whose minds need enlightenment. I know that men are more rarely won over by the written word than they are by the spoken word and that every great movement in this world owes its growth to great speakers, not to great writers. Still, writing is necessary to create a unified doctrine we can distribute. I must lay down its principles for all time. These two volumes, then, are meant to serve as stones which I hereby add to the foundation of the Movement. Adolf Hitler




















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Mein Kampf - Vol 2: My Struggle (Splitted Version) (Volume 2)

^ "Mein Kampf: Adolf Hitler, Ralph Manheim: 9780395925034: Books"At the time that seemed to us like a good dealIn the former Sterneckerbru in the Tal, there was a small vault-like room which had once served the imperial councilors of Bavaria as a sort of taproomThe year 1921 had, furthermore, the significance that I gradually succeeded, through my position as chairman of the party, in withdrawing the various party services from the criticism and interference of dozens of committee membersExcerpts[edit]If these men, who at heart were not for the revolution, had all come into our party at that time, and as members, we could regard ourselves today as a pious fraternal organization, but no longer as a young militant movementThe Guardian


The member is induced by the organization to participate personally in the recruiting of new supporters, from whom in turn members can be developed.LA TimesISBN0-544-19554-XThe movement still had so few members that it took great skill to find among them a suitable man who, making the smallest demands for his own person, could satisfy the innumerable demands of the movementWikisource VersionIf propaganda has imbued a whole people with an idea, the organization can draw the consequences with a handful of men


Hitler's revolutionary goals included expulsion of the Jews from Greater Germany and the unification of German peoples into one Greater Germanyending Edition Sold March 1937 2nd 1,170 SeptJust as, conversely, I did not interfere in the business of the othersBut it would be absolutely mistaken to regard a wealth of theoretical knowledge as characteristic proof for the qualities and abilities of a leaderInterestingly, Hitler originally proposed the title, Four-and-a-Half Years of Struggle Against Lies, Stupidity, and Cowardice; it was his publisher who shortened it to My Struggle or Mein Kampf.Volume 1The first volume of Mein Kampf, subtitled Eine Abrechnung or A Reckoning, was written mostly during Hitlers stay in Landsberg and ultimately consisted of 12 chapters when it was published in July 1925.This first volume covered Hitlers childhood through the initial development of the Nazi PartyHitler, A., et alIn July 1921, a shake-up occurred within the party and Hitler found himself in the position to replace party co-founder Anton Drexler as the chairperson of the Nazi Party.Hitler's Failed Coup: The Beer Hall PutschIn the fall of 1923, Hitler decided it was time to seize upon the publics discontent with the Weimar government and organize a putsch (coup) against both the Bavarian state government and the German federal government.With assistance from the SA, SA leader Ernst Roehm, Herman Gring, and famous World War I General Erich von Ludendorff, Hitler and Nazi Party members stormed a Munich beer hall where members of the local Bavarian government were gathered for an event.Hitler and his men quickly brought the event to a standstill by setting up machine guns at the entrances and falsely announcing that the Nazis had seized both the Bavarian state government and the German federal governmentThe republished book might be banned as Nazi propaganda


Only on such a basis can it win the strength for its struggleLIn the course of two years, I enforced my opinion more and more, and today it is taken for granted in the movement, at least in so far as the top leadership is concernedThey will privately regard themselves as supporters, but decline to make a public avowal of this by membershipAnd so the man who was there for propaganda voted on a matter that regarded the finance man, and he in turn voted on a matter regarding organization, and the latter in turn on a matter which should only have concerned the secretary, etcCrucial to the success of Germany, Hitler believed, was gaining more living space or p.191Added to these was a membership secretary, the propaganda chief, and various assisting committeemenFor it was obvious that we were involved with a principle which from the smallest local group, through the later districts, counties, and provinces, up to the Reich leadership, embodied the very same system under which we all suffered and today still sufferThe fanatical zeal has been blurred, the fighting force paralyzed, or, as the bourgeois world correctly puts it in such cases: 'Water has been mixed with the wine.' And when that happens, the trees can no longer grow skyward


Murphy translation at (pdf) Murphy translation at Gutenberg Murphy translation at (pdf, txt) Complete Dugdale abridgment at 1939 Reynal and Hitchcock translation at archive.orgFollow Us Facebook Twitter Pinterest Science, Tech, Math Humanities Arts, Music, Recreation Resources About Us Advertise Privacy Policy Careers Contact Terms of Use Initiating the Final Solution: The Fateful Months of SeptemberOctober 1941Two-volume annotated edition of Mein Kampf, 2016 Gustave Le Bon, a main influence of this book and crowd psychology Generalplan Ost, Hitler's "new order of ethnographical relations" LTI Lingua Tertii Imperii Mein Kampf in Arabic Ich Kmpfe (19391940)He wrote, "Whereas Socialism, and even capitalism in a more grudging way, have said to people 'I offer you a good time,' Hitler has said to them, 'I offer you struggle, danger, and death,' and as a result a whole nation flings itself at his feet." Orwell's review was written in the aftermath of the 1939 MolotovRibbentrop Pact, when Hitler made peace with Russia after more than a decade of vitriolic rhetoric and threats between the two nations; with the pact in place, Orwell believed, England was now facing a risk of Nazi attack and the UK must not underestimate the appeal of Hitler's ideas.[25]Retrieved 21 May 2015 from ^ Hitler's 'Mein Kampf' becomes online bestseller^ Richard Cohen."Guess Who's on the Backlist"Dugdale abridgement[edit] 3cf411504a


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